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As the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar approaches, safety, flexibility, and dependability for team travel, as well as supporters and corporate groups, are more important than ever. The advantages of group charter for sports travel are generally recognized due to greater control over the end-to-end experience and increased safety precautions.

How can you get to the games via private jet charter?

Sky Luxe Aviation is completely equipped to handle any travel request to Qatar, from large private jet aircraft (including bespoke configurations) that are appropriate for large business groups and football teams to smaller private jets that are suitable for smaller groups of individuals. Sky Luxe Aviation will also have exclusive access to jets not available on the open market to transport your group to all of the matches. Regardless of the number or type of passengers, a private charter is a dependable alternative to scheduled services, assuring that you will arrive at your destination on time.

Sky Luxe Aviation has long been the trusted aviation partner for visiting the world’s most prestigious sporting events.

What are the advantages of a private charter flight over a scheduled flight?

Due to its flexibility, the charter is frequently preferred over scheduled services. Scheduled services are frequently unable to accommodate clients’ needs, particularly when a tight travel itinerary is involved. With a global event like the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, it’s also worth considering private jet charter to avoid the crowds and lines at some of the larger airports by flying from a private airport, which drastically minimizes the number of touchpoints and face-to-face engagement for your party.

You can control who is on board by keeping your group travelling together in a ‘bubble.’ We only work with approved aircraft operators, ensuring that aircraft and crew follow Covid-19 procedures in addition to our vetted safety processes.

Can aircraft private jet charter provide a better World Cup travel experience?

In addition to private jet charter, our fully vetted and experienced partners can handle planning and contingency planning.

The bespoke experience of charter begins on the flight, with Sky Luxe Aviation able to cater for any request, from bespoke food and drink requirements for football teams who must adhere to strict nutrition and dietary programs, to personalising an entire experience from the moment you arrive at the airport for clients wishing to truly impress customers or employees on their way to 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, such as an immersive onboard branded experience.

Increased safety precautions

Throughout Covid-19 our Services division has continually provided us with the most up to date procedures for ensuring safe travel. We can arrange for a deep cleaning of the aircraft prior to departure as part of your charter, as well as provide all passengers with PPE, such as facemasks and sanitizers, to ensure your group is always fully protected.

Below is our handy guide to the stadiums to help you plan your programme.

  1. Lusail Stadium, Lusail – home to the Final

Capacity: 80,000

Distance from airport (Doha) to stadium: 20.4KM

With all eyes on this flagship stadium, it will play home to 5 Group Matches, 1 Round of 16, a Quarter and a Semi-Final match in the lead-up to the Grand Final on 18th December 2022. Embodying Arab culture, the stadium is inspired by the fanar lantern, with its shape and façade recreating the decorative motifs on bowls and other art pieces synonymous with the Arab and Islamic world.

The City

A newly developed region on the northern edge of Doha on the Persian Gulf coast, Lusail city is a pioneer in sustainability. With plentiful green spaces, the city will be home to 200,000 people with a focus on living in harmony with the local environment.

2. Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor – home to the opening match

Capacity: 60,000

Distance from the airport (Doha) to stadium: 53.4KM

Built-in the shape of a traditional Bedouin tent, the Al Bayt stadium fuses modern design with ancient tradition. There will be 5 Group Matches, 1 round 16, 1 Quarter Final and 1 Semi Final played here. The stadium can be accessed by car or taxi and the Metro. The stadium uses green building materials and the latest technology to preserve energy and water.

The City

The nearby town of Al Khor is ideal for nature lovers with pearl diving and fishing both readily available along with kayaking tours around the Al Thakira mangroves.

3. Al Janoub Stadium, Al Wakrah

Capacity: 40,000

Distance from the airport (Doha) to stadium: 11.5KM

The Al Janoub stadium opened in 2019 playing host to the Amir cup final. Inspired by the dhow boats traditionally used for pearl diving and fishing synonymous with the Al Wakrah region, the Al Janoub stadium will host 5 Group Matches and 1 Round of 16 during the World Cup.

The City

Al Wakrah, one of Qatar’s oldest continuously inhabited areas, is a great place to visit during the World Cup. Stunning architecture and beautiful parkland make this city a visual feast. Get lost in souq or discover the area’s rich history at a museum or take in the beauty with a stroll along the waterfront.

4. Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Al Rayyan

Capacity: 40,000

Distance from airport to stadium: 35KM

Opening for the first time in December 2020, the Ahmad Bin Ali stadium is located at the gateway to desert. With symbols of Qatari culture incorporated into its façade and with sand dune-shaped sculptures surrounding the stadium, the stadium represents the rich culture of Qatar. Home to the hugely popular football team, Al Rayyan Sports Club, the stadium will host 5 Group Matches a 1 Round of 16 during the World Cup.

The City

One of Qatar’s most historic cities, Al Rayyan is the gateway to stunning desert landscapes. The city itself is steeped in history with fortresses, museums and historical landmarks just waiting to be explored. Head out to the city borders and you’ll find the Musfur Sinkhole, one of Qatar’s deepest caves.

5. Khalifa International Stadium, Doha

Capacity: 40,000

Distance from airport to stadium: 22.8KM

Built-in 1976, the Khalifa International Stadium has already paid host to the Asian Games, the Arabian Gulf Cup and the AFC Asian Cup. Located at the centre of all the 2022 venues, this impressive stadium will play host to 5 Group Matches, 1 Round of 16 and third place play-off. In 2017 the stadium reopened following some changes including a new ultramodern shape and a canopy now protecting all seating areas with further climate control delivered by advanced colling technologies.

6. Education City Stadium, Doha

Capacity: 40,000

Distance from airport to stadium: 20.9KM

Surrounded by leading universities, Education City Stadium will play host to 5 Group Matches, 1 Round of 16 and 1 Quarter Final.

7. Stadium 974, Doha

Capacity: 40,000

Distance from airport to stadium: 9KM

This modular stadium contains 974 shipping containers which is the international dialling code for Qatar and also links to the site’s industrial history, after the tournament the stadium will be entirely dismantled and repurposed – it is the first temporary venue in the history of the World Cup. Stadium 974 will play host to 5 Group Matches and 1 Round of 16 matches.

8. Al Thumama Stadium, Doha

Capacity: 40,000

Distance from airport to stadium: 9KM

The intricate design of the Al Thumama Stadium represents the gahfiya – a traditional woven cap worn by men and boys across the Middle East. The stadium will play host to 5 Group Matches, 1 Round of 16 and 1 Quarter Final.

The City

A multicultural city, Doha is the shining jewel of Qatar. Spend an afternoon wandering the souk and see what purchases you can make. For a more modern shopping experience, there are plenty of malls to choose from or for a more cultural experience take a trip to the futuristic Education City or the National Museum. The Corniche offers stunning views of the harbour along with beautiful architecture to admire.

Please contact us if you require any additional information about our group charter flights. We’ll provide you with an unrivalled service that can meet and exceed your 2022 World Cup travel requirements, thanks to our dedicated 24/7 support, approved operators, and expert advice.

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