When it comes to events, we at Sky Luxe Aviation know how vital the “wow factor” is. As a result, we can help you create a highly memorable experience for your delegates by exhibiting your brand in a variety of unique and highly impactful ways. Here are impactful ways to showcase your branding on private jet group charter.

Clients can choose from a variety of add-on elements with our bespoke services to create a highly personalized and memorable flight experience that effectively promotes branding. We handle all of the flying arrangements at Sky Luxe Aviation, so you can focus exclusively on your event.

Private terminal and lounge access

Starting your event in a private terminal at the airport is a terrific approach to give your delegates a lasting first impression. Branding that is highly visible may be seen throughout the terminal, from the check-in screens to the departure area.

Private terminals provide plenty of time-saving benefits, including the ability to skip long airport lines and get your event started sooner. We can also help our clients arrange for private lounge hire, which is a terrific method to collect the group in private for the event organizer to give a short presentation. Catering in the lounge is also popular – the choices are infinite, and it’s a terrific way to get the celebration started at the airport.

Headrest Covers

One of our most popular bespoke service products for event planners is headrest covers, which create a very impactful on-board branded experience that reinforces your essential brand messages. Other branded things, such as in-flight entertainment screens, can be used to supplement these.


We can help you create a memorable experience by offering a bespoke food service onboard your aircraft. This is especially popular with clients that have a theme for their event, such as the cuisine of the delegates’ destination. We’ve helped with anything from organizing flights for a well-being themed incentive, offering healthy catering and flavoured water on the aircraft, to assisting with an incentive to Palma de Mallorca where the customer requested Spanish themed catering, serving tapas and sangria on-board the flight. Logos on catering packets, coasters, and beverages stirrers can help to promote your brand.

Branded Gifts

We can assist in giving branded gifts on board, which is very popular with clients organizing incentives. These can be placed on the plane seats so that the delegates can use them when they board. Amenity kits, chocolate gift packs, water bottles, and travel accessories are just a few examples of branded gift ideas.

Let Sky Luxe team help you in adding a wow factor by adding your branding on private jet group charter. Our experienced Account Manager would be pleased to offer suggestions if you’re seeking more giving ideas.

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