3 Low-Cost Aircraft for Greece Private Jet Charter

Greece was subject to strict daily curfews and frequent lockdowns in early 2022. People had to carry a permit to enter the streets, which harmed the city’s tourism. However, the Greek government has recently reduced quarantine time for visitors based on their birthplace. Pent-up demand for leisure travel is expected to be released in large quantities in the coming months. Passenger behaviour has changed significantly since the pre-COVID 19 era. Travellers are looking for high-quality Private Jet Charter services at reasonable prices. Inbound jet charter passenger traffic increased by 120 per cent from the previous year in 2021. The pattern is expected to intensify in 2022.

Since the virus outbreak, traveller profiles have shifted dramatically. The number of passengers flying within the EU exceeds that of those flying outside the continent. Furlough schemes in European countries result in an increase in disposable income. As a result, vacation budgets are increasing. August was once considered the traditional Greek holiday month, but times have changed, and people are now travelling more in other months. Leisure jet charter arrivals in Greece are expected to increase by 61 per cent over 2021. Business Private Jet Charter arrivals are expected to increase by 63 per cent. The best value for money appeals to the new traveller. As a result, we have compiled a list of aircraft that are best suited to provide that benefit.

  1. The Learjet 35
Learjet 35

The Learjet 35 is a member of the most famous light jet series ever produced. The hourly variable cost for this private jet charter is estimated to be around $2,400, which includes fuel, maintenance, and miscellaneous costs. Fuel costs account for 36% of total variable costs. Aside from crew salaries, management and training account for the majority of a Learjet 35A’s fixed costs. The private jet can carry two crew members and up to six passengers. The plane’s popularity stems primarily from its ability to fly nonstop for 3,308 kilometres. Furthermore, its cruise speeds are incredible and well-known in the industry.

The Bombardier model can accommodate up to 7 suitcases and has plenty of room for movement. It has a long history of military application in maritime patrol. Several manufacturers have created numerous performance-enhancing modifications for the Learjet 35, such as tip tanks and delta fins. This aircraft is in high demand for destinations such as Mykonos, and it is also available within 24 hours.

2. King Air B200

King Air B-200

The King Air B200 is a twin-engine turboprop with excellent safety ratings. It is the only plane in its class authorized to transport the President of the United States in an emergency. It can carry up to 8 passengers as well as 1-2 crew members. The hourly fuel consumption cost is 70% less than that of the Learjet 35A. It is important to note, however, that the fixed costs for hull insurance on a King Air B200 are 163 percent higher than on a Lear competitor. The maximum cruise speed of the B200 is 59% slower than that of the Lear 35.

Small airports on Greece’s islands are easily accessible by the King Air B200. The plane’s body can withstand short and shaky runways. The cabin has enough room for shoulder room. The 200 model has an electrical gear system, but the B200 has an electro-hydraulic component on top of it. This private jet has a range of about 1,500 kilometers.

3. Airbus H135


The Airbus H135 (previously EC 135) helicopter is a light twin-engine vehicle capable of transporting up to 6 passengers and two crew members in Europe. The Eurocopter is capable of IFR flight and has a unique tail rotor, which reduces the risk of mishaps. The specific positioning of the rotor also reduces noise when compared to standard helicopters. The EC135 is quieter than the ambient noise of city traffic. It can withstand topographic impact, making it ideal for difficult terrain. The Greek Isles are a wonderful collection of interconnected attractions that are easily accessible via the H135 helicopter.

The helicopter’s interior is exclusively chic and luxurious. Seating configurations provide plenty of legroom. The rear cabin even has retractable clothes hooks. It has a range of 630 kilometres. If the landing is to take place on a yacht’s deck, the H135 is an excellent choice. It can fit into smaller spaces, making it ideal for Greek vacations.

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