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Welcome to the land of fast cars and delicious Italian cuisine! Overflowing with beauty, culture and history, the flavourful Italian dolce vita is addictive. undoubtedly, private jet travellers tend to return whenever possible. We’ll ensure you have a smooth journey in class and luxury. If you are Planning a trip to the wonderful land of fast cars and delicious Italian cuisine, Let Sky Luxe Aviation handle your flights with one of our private jets. Hire a Private Jet to Italy today!

The streets of Rome team with meaningful ruins, monuments and ancient statues. Private aviation clients fly in and out of the Italian capital via Ciampino Airport’s (CIA) private jet terminal, often highly satisfied with their shopping sprees. Another sophisticated shopping destination, perhaps the most famous one, is Milan, home to Italy’s major fashion houses and hosting the Milan Fashion Week. This important industrial and cultural centre attracts business and leisure travellers alike, no matter the season. It is also considered a hi-tech hub and the country’s most fast-paced metropolis. No wonder Milan Linate (LIN) is one of the most popular private jet airports in Europe.

Private jet travellers are drawn to Italy for a variety of reasons, the nation with the most UNESCO World Heritage cultural monuments. There is breathtaking art and architecture everywhere you look in Italy. While works by geniuses like Botticelli, Michelangelo, and da Vinci can be found in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, on the roof of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City, or in the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, frescoes by Giotto adorn chapels in Padua and Assisi. Art collectors and museum directors frequently take private jet flights to Italy.

Tourists also appreciate the Italian culinary scene, which features delicacies like truffles from Piedmont and wines from Tuscany as well as one of the most influential chefs in the world, Massimo Bottura, and his three-star restaurant in Modena. 

Italian cities and regions

Hire a Private Jet to Milan

skyluxe Private Jet to Italy

The regional capital of Lombardy, Milan is a global city that leads the way in art, fashion, design and culture. Well-known for its designer shops, chic restaurants and galleries, the city is also home to beautiful buildings (the cathedral (Domm de Milan) is arguably the most well-known) and iconic artworks that include da Vinci’s The Last Supper.

Corporate travellers regularly fly to Milan, where they can combine leisure with business and enjoy prestigious evenings at La Scala, visit Italy’s most important museum solely dedicated to industrial design: the Triennale Design Museum, attend international trade fairs and appreciate exclusive spas, bars and hotels signed by Italian fashion houses. On top of being Italy’s most business-focused city, Milan also hosts the highest number of restaurants recognised with Michelin stars.

Hire a Private Jet to Rome

skyluxe Private Jet to Italy

The city of Rome, also sometimes known as ‘the Eternal City’, includes some of the most recognizable and historical landmarks in the entire world. Steeped in history and culture, Rome offers an abundance of exquisite restaurants and elegant places to stay. Taking a private jet to and from Rome is the best way to ensure you experience everything the city has to offer, all while doing it in style.

Some private jet movements to and from Rome are made for professional purposes, too. For instance, stars from the Italian film and TV industry travel in and out of Cinecittà Studios. May it be for business or leisure, history experts and art enthusiasts fly to Rome to experience a stroll through the ancient capital of the world, and contemplate the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, but also roman fountains by Bernini and paintings by Caravaggio.

Hire a Private Jet to Venice

skyluxe Private Jet to Italy

Vacationers often choose to fly to Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) to reach Venice, a romantic lagoon on the Adriatic Sea: 118 small islands connected by bridges and canals. Numerous visitors are impressed by the Grand Canal, the Palazzo Ducale and Basilica di San Marco; fascinated by one of the largest collections of contemporary art in the world exhibited at the Punta Della Dogana and fine operas at the Teatro La Fenice.

If you are Planning a trip to the wonderful city of Venice, Let Sky Luxe Aviation handle your flights and airport transfers with one of our private jets. We’ll ensure you have a smooth journey in class and luxury to this beautiful Italian city. We’ll charter a private jet for you to Venezia Tessera International Airport (VCE) at any time and from any location. Since VCE is an international airport with limited take-offs and landings, be sure to contact us well in advance so that we can offer the best options to accommodate your needs.

Hire a Private Jet to Florence


Florence, Italy, is a city famous for its opulent art, world-class food, and breathtaking scenery. When you hire a private jet to whisk you away to Florence, you will be able to start your vacation the way you intend to enjoy it, in luxury.

It can be confusing to figure out which airport and airline are the best to use when you want to travel to Florence. Sky Luxe Aviation will make travelling easy by handling all of the flight details for you. For the utmost in luxury and convenience, when you’re ready to vacation in Florence, rent a private jet and enjoy as your dreams come true.

Hire a Private Jet to Capri


When you need a break from your hectic life and need to go somewhere far away for a vacation desperately, consider going to Capri. A beautiful island located in Italy, Capri is the perfect destination for being surrounded by the calming ocean and mesmerizing landscapes all day long.

With cliffs rising dramatically from turquoise waters, illuminated caves and emerald-clad hills, Capri is naturally stunning and has been attracting the great and the good for hundreds of years. This small island sits majestically in the Tyrrhenian Sea, a short hop by boat from the city of Naples and just across the southern reaches of the Bay of Naples from the Sorrentine Peninsula. Follow in the footsteps of Roman emperors, members of royalty and the Hollywood A-list as you dip into boutiques, explore millennia-old ruins and take in epic vistas at almost every turn.

Hire a Private Jet to Positano

skyluxe Private Jet to Italy

Set on the stunningly beautiful Amalfi Coast, the colourful Italian village of Positano is a UNESCO world heritage site and a destination that our clients favour for an interesting weekend break, especially during the summer.

Contact our team to charter a private jet to Positano and enjoy Sky Luxe Aviation’s services. We source the ideal aircraft for your private flights to Positano, at the best price on the market.

Your private jet will land at Naples International Airport (NAP), located 60 km north of Positano and you will be welcomed by the staff of its well-equipped private jet terminal. We can arrange VIP airport transfers for you, simply choose your preferred mean of transport with your Sky Luxe Aviation advisor: car, limousine, helicopter.

Get in touch with our expert team to hire a Private Jet to Italy, offering personalised assistance 24/7, and hire the private jet that suits you best, for a completely worry-free trip to Positano.

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