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Princes and jet setters, high terraces and burning nights: welcome to Monte Carlo! Hire a Private Jet to Monte Carlo

By extension, the Principality of Monaco is the world’s second smallest state, and Monte Carlo is its liveliest neighbourhood 2 km of land soaked in the sea, with a pleasant climate and very little rainfall. It is the ideal location for a weekend escape in the spirit of joie de vivre, located little over 3 hours from Milan and offering two big advantages: everyone speaks Italian and there is no need to change money. It is a must visit for visitors to the French Riviera: many enjoy the fascinating nightlife of Cannes, or stroll through the market in Saint Tropez’s Place Des Lices, hoping to spot Brigitte Bardot among the crowds. Hire a Private Jet to Monte Carlo

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It’s not all about Ferrari splendor, yachts, and rumbling. It is that curve, just before going down towards the port, that those with the forethought to stop can enjoy a vista that is difficult to describe in the Principality. Monte Carlo is a Philadelphia actress who became Her Serene Highness, Princess Grace of Monaco. It’s a dress we rarely get to wear, and it’s a bet at the casino, even though we’ve always been afraid of gambling. It’s a walk to the Jardin Exotique, shopping at the Métropole, admiring the Larvotto buildings without worries, tasting that air so different from the others, so elegant, that you can’t breathe in any other country in the world.

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When the sun sets, Monte Carlo comes alive. The Monegasque nightlife is surreal, with lights and darkness alternating. It’s tough not to be enchanted by this royal and bold figure. The Buddha Bar is a landmark location, dominated by soft lighting and allusions to the East: an Orient Express departs every evening from the Place Du Casino, allowing visitors to dream of the Levant without leaving the Principality. Evenings begin with a toast at the Buddha Bar are rarely forgotten. Cocktails and sake, champagne and narghile:

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It’s unclear whether the Sass Café’s fame stems from its patron, Sassa, who extends a warm welcome to visitors, the music, which, like a siren song, remembers the patrons, or the jet setters that frequent it: In fact, for anyone looking to spend a genuine Monegasque evening, this address is a must!

It is forbidden to leave Monaco without spending an evening dancing: our only option, sometimes patriotic, is Twiga. A disco with various souls, a parterre de rois always present, and internationally known DJs in console: once you enter, the only thing you will want – aside from a beverage, of course – is for time to stand still, allowing you to extend the night as much as possible.

Nikki Beach’s sunset on the sea is complimented by a drink by the pool. An elite beach club on the terrace of the Fairmont Hotel, with a spectacular view of the Loews curve. Thanks to the DJ-setting that animates the evenings, it’s ideal for a cocktail at happy hour and continuing late into the night suspended between the sky and the sea.


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The Mediterranean, the silhouetted skyline, and the sailing yachts: this is what you can see from the eighth level of the Hotel De Paris’s Le Grill restaurant while having lunch or supper. A cuisine of land and marine dishes that is both traditional and experimental. The enchantment that happens as the roof opens reveals a warm and bleak night of incomprehensible stars, which can only be the start of an unforgettable evening.

The élite guests of the Cipriani restaurant like a seaside ambiance, which is reflected in the woodwork and the natural light that penetrates the rooms. It is typical for Italians living abroad to avoid Italian cuisine, but Cipriani’s quality and raw materials make it a must-try!

Coya is quite popular in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, so how could Monegasques dislike it? To accompany the house’s signature cocktails, a twist on Peruvian cuisine with South American flavors heightened by chef Fabrizio Fossati’s alchemy. A woodland from which to overlook the Mediterranean while dining on vibrant cuisine and preparing for the after-dinner festivity.

The soothing lighting allows you to close your eyes. Imagine reopening them in a faraway location and appreciating the experience. This is what those who rely on Maya Bay, an apotheosis of oriental flavors, experience. Choose between Japan and Thailand as your destination, each of which corresponds to one of the restaurant’s two regions. The atmosphere is alive, and the senses are overwhelmed. In the dishes and the furnishings, Monegasque splendor meets Levantine charm.


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There is a staircase in the Place du Casino with luxurious cars proudly exhibited at its foot. A flurry of women in cover gowns and very elegant men crowd the entryway, exuding the aura of someone who has found his place in the world. Grace Kelly and Maria Callas, as well as Aristotle Onassis and Salvador Dali, all frequented the Hotel De Paris, which has been an international institution since 1863.

It’s a hotel with legendary appeal that pops up in every discussion about the Principality of Monaco: the uniqueness is the lifting by architects Richard Martinet and Gabriel Viora, which allows it to offer itself to visitors from all over the world in its most majestic form.

Three restaurants: Le Grill, where the eye is lost in the Mediterranean sea while guests enjoy the grilled specialties that give the restaurant its name; mer, where you can discover the culinary side of different cultures while being transported on a gastronomic cruise; and Le Louis XV, where the Riviera cuisine is presented in a superb and inspiring manner.

Enjoy live music and dreamy nights at the Bar Américain, which has a ’20s vibe and where you may wrap yourself in a cloud with a distinct perfume while selecting a cigar from the extensive menu. This lounge would be the first to receive the “James Bond approved” brand if it existed.


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In Monaco, luxury boutiques are overcrowded, and simply wandering down the boulevards gives the sensation of being in a fashion show. Many of the Monegasques whose appearances you admire are likely regulars at Pretty You, where the dresses of Zuhair Murad and Oscar de la Renta are displayed in the windows.

K11 is a concept store with a very specific goal: the fashion seen within these walls is for those who don’t need logos to express themselves. The outfits you’ll find are sophisticated and refined, coexisting with niche design goods and cosmetics to create a space for which they have yet to establish a term.

A trip to the Métropole is required for any additional purchases: under the towering chandelier that overlooks the rooms of this shopping center, even those who have always claimed to despise shopping centers will have to reconsider, noticing their undeniable attractiveness. We propose the Society Club for today’s guys among the boutiques: Balmain, Lanvin, and Valentino are just a few of the names you’ll find.

Charter a private jet to Monte-Carlo 

Monte-Carlo, Monaco Private Jet Airports

  1. Nice Côte d’Azur Airport (NCE / LFMN) — Located only a few miles from Nice and the Riviera, this airport is preferred for private jet travelers headed to Monte-Carlo. The airport offers FBOs for your private travel necessities, and even helicopter services between the airport and Monaco.
  2. Cannes-Mandelieu Airport (CEQ / LFMD) — Although this airport also hosts FBOs, it is preferred for charter travelers headed to Cannes, as it is over an hour drive from the principality of Monaco.

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