Taking someone on an air ambulance is a key decision that must be carefully considered. When someone needs to be flown by air ambulance, it implies their health condition is already at risk. If at all feasible, ensure that the journey will not jeopardize the patient’s health. A specialized helicopter or aircraft that delivers injured or sick persons is known as an air ambulance.

There is no assurance of a smooth flight on an air ambulance service. A little study, on the other hand, can improve the chances of a smooth trip. We’ve put up a few pointers that may be useful if you need to call an air ambulance.

Here are 5 Tips for Arranging an Air Ambulance or Medical Evacuation Flight:


  1. Know What to Request
    Medical evacuation is sometimes known as medevac, and it is frequently used interchangeably with the phrase air ambulance. Other methods of medical transportation including medical evacuation on the ground are referred to as medevac. Always employ an air ambulance if you need medical transportation by air.

  1. Understand how the price is calculated.
    Costs of air ambulances are usually not a problem until the bill arrives. When you require this type of service, the expense of transporting your loved one via air ambulance will not be an issue. Make sure that the additional mileage, flight crew, landing, and other fees, taxes, medical expenses of onboard medical equipment, medical staff, other medical consultations, and ground transportation are all included in the quotation to avoid concerns with the cost of the air ambulance.
  1. Verify the safety of air ambulances
    Many individuals believe that merely because a corporation provides air ambulance service, it has a good safety record. This isn’t a good assumption to make. Because there are few regulatory criteria for an air ambulance firm, almost anyone may put up a sign and start doing business. It’s simple to look up an air ambulance company’s safety record on the internet. Never make a decision of this significance without first researching the air ambulance company’s history. Most people believe that a company that provides air ambulance service has a spotless safety record. Assumptions can lead to complications. Anyone can sign and open for business, which is one of the conditions for an air ambulance firm. It is not difficult to conduct a background check on an air ambulance company’s safety records using the internet. Before you choose someone, run a background check and look into their history.

  1. Select the right  size
    The specifications of an air ambulance must be considered while selecting one. It also depends on whether a helicopter, propeller plane, or jetliner is the best option for the patient’s condition. Check how many passengers, including medical personnel and aircraft crew, will be accompanying the patient. Check what medical equipment and supplies the patient requires; they are the most important factors in determining what the patient requires when travelling, not only for safety and comfort.

  1. Start with a Medical Consultation
    If the air ambulance company you choose doesn’t offer to consult with you before the flight, then it’s time to search for another air ambulance company that will do that.

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