3 Tips for Traveling with Pets on a Private Jet Charter

Travelling with your Pets:
Can’t stand leaving the family pet in a kennel, and you don’t want your beloved companion stuck in the cargo compartment of a commercial flight? There’s no need to be concerned. One advantage of private jet travel is the ability to fly with your family’s pride and joy in the main cabin.

Despite the fact that pets are frequently considered family members, the FAA classifies them as cargo. For the protection of themselves and others, this usually means they must be properly secured, most typically in an animal carrier, during takeoff and landing. International travel entails additional procedures and regulations, which may vary from country to country.


If you plan to travel with your pet, let your charter operator know before you book your flight. They can determine if there are any restrictions or criteria, as well as whether or not the plane will be able to handle your pet.

3 Tips for Traveling with your Pets

1. If using a travel carrier for the first time, give your pet at least a month before your flight to become familiar with the carrier to minimize his or her stress during travel.

2. Talk with your veterinarian about prescription tranquillizers if you are considering sedating your pet during travel. Make sure to specify it is for air travel. 

3. Bring along confirmation of your pet’s immunization (to verify a clean bill of health).

When travelling, it is sometimes necessary to travel with one of their pets since they are unable to leave their pet at home. As a result, they want to know if their pet will be allowed to fly with them and if they will be taken care of.

As long as the arrangements are made ahead of time, Sky Luxe Aviation can take care of your pets flying with passengers. When flying with a pet, the passenger must ensure that the pet is in a proper container and that the pet is comfortable throughout the flight.

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