5 Factors that Affect the Cost of a Private Jet Flight.

1.   The Aircraft Category:

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The type of aircraft has the biggest influence on the cost of a private jet flight. We must first understand the customer’s requirements in order to identify the aircraft category:

  • The total number of passengers on board.
  • The total weight of the suitcase’s 
  • The duration of the flight.
  • The number of beds that will be available.
  • The crew onboard (flight attendants) (if needed).

2.  The duration of stay has an impact on the price of a private flight:

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The price of your private flight is determined by the length of your stay and the number of hours the private jet will fly. If you stay for a shorter period of time, your flight will be less expensive. Companies can afford to leave their aircraft parked for brief periods of time at their destination. 

As a result, travelling back the same day is one of the most cost-effective possibilities (a work meeting for example). In fact, we save money on items like aircraft parking and personnel costs by skipping a night on-site.

 3. You can get a better deal if you get parking:

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 Another technical element that impacts the price of a private jet is obtaining overnight parking. Some airports, particularly small airports that are popular during the summer, can have space constraints. Some airports have very strict operating limits, which we expect as a broker to help you avoid any unpleasant surprises when it comes to the expense of your trip.

4.   The price of a private flight may be affected by the time it is operated:

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 The flight schedule may have an impact on the final cost. As a result, many airports that aren’t open late may agree to do so if asked (a time extension is requested). In most circumstances, this extension comes at a cost (a cost for the airport and the handling company and sometimes even a cost for the crew who must stay on-site longer at the Hotel).

5.   Catering on board:

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The catering included in a private flight quote is normal for the company. On light jets, the cost of catering may be high if extra food is required or if a special request is made that is not included in the standard menu. Your requirements, as well as the fees charged by the vendors, will determine this.

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