Inside Bill Gates’ Controversial $194 Million Private Jet Collection

One of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates owns a large fleet of private jets. However, the software billionaire’s fleet of private aircraft has drawn criticism from his supporters. Here is what is known about Bill Gates’ collection of private jets and why it is such a hot topic.

Bill Gates has a private jet collection worth approximately $194 million

In 2021 it was reported, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has not one, not two, not even three, but four private jet. According to the media, he owns two Gulfstream G650ERs that each cost about $70 million. Additionally, he owns two Bombardier Challenger 350s, each worth about $27 million. Before adding up the fuel, maintenance, employee costs etc., some quick calculation tells us that Gates’ private jet collection cost roughly $194 million.

Inside Bill Gates’ four private jet

Up to 18 passengers can fit inside each Gulfstream G650ER They each have their own space for work, rest, and amusement. Each jet can accommodate up to 10 passengers and has unique leather seats that convert into beds.

The fastest business jet is the Gulfstream G650ER. Gates’ colleague billionaire Jeff Bezos and reality star Kim Kardashian both possess the same model.

Through his collaboration with NetJets, “a corporation that sells fractional ownership shares in private business jets,” Gates is the owner of two Bombardier Challenger 350 aircraft (per Simple Flying). Gates’ Bombardier Challengers had the registration numbers N769QS and N754QS. The planes can carry up to 10 passengers and have “the largest and quietest cabin in its class.”

The founder of Microsoft also owns a Eurocopter EC 135 and a Cessna 208 Amphibian Caravan seaplane in addition to his fleet of private jets.

Bill Gates has called private jets his ‘guilty pleasure’

Due to the planes’ negative effects on the environment, the tech billionaire’s collection of private jets has generated controversy. One of the most outspoken advocates for environmental protection has been Bill Gates. Gates referred to himself as an “imperfect messenger on climate change” in his book How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.

“I am aware that I am an imperfect climate change messenger. There are plenty of wealthy men in the world who have high goals about what other people should do or who believe that technology can solve every issue, and who am I to lecture anyone on the environment? I own massive houses and fly in private planes; in fact, I took one to Paris for the climate conference so who am I to lecture anyone on the environment?.”

Gates isn’t the only billionaire facing criticism for his wasteful usage of private jets and environmental impact. Jeff Bezos, a fellow private jet owner, also received flak for flying his Gulfstreams to the UN’s COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, in 2021.

I can’t dispute that I’m a wealthy man with opinions, he continued. But I do think it’s a well-informed opinion, and I’m always looking to learn more.

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